Derived from the Latin faber, meaning "artisan" and intentionally spelled with a "ck", fabrick's unique moniker is...

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David Burke fabrick is David Burke Group’s newest restaurant at Archer Hotel New York. fabrick – spelled with a “ck” – is a nod not only to the brick-and-mortar facades common in the Garment District, but to the bricks of pink Himalayan salt that aid in Chef Burke’s beef dry-aging process, which won a United States Patent. “Having started my first restaurant in New York over a decade ago, I wanted to open a space that paid homage to our roots here,” says Chef Burke.

Chef Adin Langille: Thanksgiving at fabrick

“I’m most thankful for my fiancé and the strong support of my staff and our friends at Archer Hotel.” – Adin Langille Chef Adin Langille is fabrick restaurant’s easy to be with, down to earth chef.  His food is trending in social media images and on the eager tongues of Midtown diners and Archer Hotel New York guests. Join Archetype as we get to know him in a rare moment of down time and as we steal a peek at his dietary needs-flexible Thanksgiving Menu. Q:  How did you decide to become a chef, and why in New York? I was […]

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